Mrs. Dayo Queenolia Keshi

Mrs. Ekundayo Queenolia Keshi has a strong passion for philanthropy which started over twenty years ago as she volunteered her services to non-profit organizations in various countries she lived in as a diplomat’s wife. She has been able to mentor and nurture younger officers under her to imbibe these ideals as a panacea to success in life.She is an astute Administrator who is unassuming, meticulous and believes in hard work, perseverance and perfection. She has contributed immensely to the development of less-privileged children, especially in areas of literacy and nutrition, orphans and vulnerable children care and youth mentoring.

She founded the Nigerian Women’s Association of Georgia (NWAG) and served as President for three years. The Association continues to make worthy contributions towards impacting positively on the lives of women and children both in Atlanta and Nigeria, which raised the profile of Nigeria in a positive manner never witnessed before in the city of Atlanta.
Mrs. Ekundayo Queenolia Keshi has a strong commitment to supporting Women, Youth and Children. For these she has been honoured with a number of awards especially for her philanthropy works such as the Honorary Citizen of Georgia, US; Africa Class Community Leadership Award, Community Service and Humanity Award and Women Advocacy Award amongst others. She was a former Director General of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC).