Flowers Introspect by Ben Tomoloju

This play is an opportunity to introspect, to borrow from the title, on our perceptions about gender relations and our humanity. It focused on three young men, Gbotaye, Dingi and Motowon, who like typical young men, are trying to navigate the minefield that is relationship and dating. Poor and with stunted dreams, they obsess over the women in their lives and their frustration and a series of unfortunate events make for an interesting comedy. Gbotaye is infatuated with the flirtatious Mosun, Dingi is in love with the very pious Christianah who offers him the Bible each time he reaches for her hand, and Motowon is driven to the point of insanity by his love for Teniola, daughter of a tycoon, who does not approve of the relationship. In the end, none of them wins as, after suffering beatings and other misfortunes, they all lose out on the girls, none worse than Dingi, whose pious girlfriend commits suicide after she is raped by a priest.